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Providing property investor clients with exceptional results

Take advantage of James Takahashi's vast real estate experience and tap into his deep knowledge of global property markets. His team offers a full selection of real estate services along with a unique international perspective.

James Takahashi

Founder and President
Homes International Group

James has a keen understanding of the various needs of international clients as he's helped countless customers find exceptional investment value in overseas properties, and in Japan.


After realizing extraordinary early career success in the Tokyo real estate market, James went on to broaden his experience by expanding to the U.S. west coast markets of Southern California and Seattle, Washington. There he has sold more than 500 properties to overseas investors, which have included condominium and townhouse projects developed by him and his team.

Now, after decades of experience since his initial launch abroad, James and his team offer comprehensive international real estate services to ensure exceptional investment results for clients.

Property images on this page display a few of the Condominium and Townhouse projects in which James Takahashi and his corporate group have invested or developed in the U.S.A.

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